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To Think Big and To Create Big is Our Goal…

At Elephant Head Graphics, we know that thinking big, and great design makes a lasting impact. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing exceptional branding and visual communication services to our clients. From printing t-shirts, to vinyl wraps, to floor murals, to all kinds of print materials, our team of skilled designers and marketers will help elevate your brand and make it stand out.



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Our Experience Will Help Create A Quality & Flawless Product

With offices in Columbus, Ohio and resources out in Detroit, Michigan, we’re committed to delivering top-notch service and results to businesses of all sizes. Our years of experience in the business has allowed us to acquire an unsurmountable amount of knowledge across all kinds of industries, and we’re still learning and applying everyday!  Let us help you create a memorable brand that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Wall Graphics & Wall Murals
15 years
Vehicle & Vinyl Wraps
20 years
Banners & Signage
23 years
T-Shirts & Designing
25 years

Guaranteed Quality

At Elephant Head Graphics, we use high-quality wraps and materials that are not only attractive and eye-catching but also provide protection and durability.

National Experience

We've serviced all of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and we're willing to travel to wherever your business needs!

Perfect Implementation

Our team of certified installers will ensure that your wrap is installed flawlessly, saving you time and money in the long run.

Our Story

Elephant Head Graphics has been in business for the past 25 years. We first started our vision as a t-shirt and apparel design shop selling t-shirts to friends, families and businesses. One of our biggest and most fulfilling jobs was designing and printing t-shirts for a National Breast Cancer Awareness month campaign. Obtaining the contract to design t-shirts for such a great cause reminded us of how our creativity and talent to develop and create can impact the lives of so many.

As our love for designing t-shirts with catchy and inspirational phrases increased, we decided to start a website, www.shirtymac.com, to display and sell our work. As different requests for promotional, marketing and graphic designs came in, the desire to expand our business into a full branding, printing and design shop was established.

Our thought was that if we could create signage on a t-shirt , then why not on a car, cell phone, banner, wall etc. We wanted to increase the scope of the mediums by which we used to display our signage on. Eventually, designing minds would get together and decide to take the online t-shirt business to a whole new level by collaborating, brainstorming and finally coming up with a complete one-stop shop for all branding and marketing visual communication needs…. Elephant Head Graphics!

So we get this question all the time, why the name Elephant Head? The name was inspired by the desire to attract clients of all ages and backgrounds. Who doesn’t love Elephants? They are very intriguing, noble, and smart creatures. Like a great brand, who can forget them? Today, they are often put on display in zoos and circuses. Kids love them and adults do too. Not to mention that Elephants are highly recognizable.

What better way to attract customers and get your message across than to use big, bright, popping colors and nontraditional mediums to market your message? Like an Elephant, which is highly distinguished because of its big stature, we want to develop highly recognizable designs, decals, banners, flyers and signage for your business and or personal needs. We want to be able to take those eye-catching designs and display them on the medium of your choice. Whether it’s a car wrap, skate board wrap or window, we will make your message or image stand out, the way an Elephant stands out in a crowd.

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We are looking forward to helping you design the brand & graphics of your dreams.