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If you’re looking for cool car wraps in Columbus Ohio, Elephant Head Graphics is your go-to graphics company to get the job done. Conveniently located close to the I71 and I270 intersection in Worthington, Elephant Head’s secure facility is suitable whether you’re looking for a single car or van wrap or a fleet of vehicle graphics. Our expert, endorsed installers pay close attention to detail and never stop short of a quality and professional installation. We only use the highest quality materials with the longest warranties for our customers. No cutting corners here! Our philosophy is that we’d rather ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind instead of trying to save a few pennies on lesser quality films that may fail after installation.

Don’t let the competition leave you behind! Increase your brand recognition with a car wrap and watch your profits grow! Elephant Head Graphics can guide you through the process from A-Z. Don’t have a design? No problem. We have designers on staff that can create a dazzling design which will turn heads and imbed your message in the minds of prospective customers.

The benefits of car wraps Columbus Ohio are many, but here are just a few for you to consider:

  1. Car wraps are amongst the least expensive forms of all outdoor advertising.
  2. Companies that have clean, well designed, car wraps are thought of to be more professional, knowledgeable, and stable in their respective fields.
  3. Awesome, creative car wraps separates you from the competition that don’t have them. If given a choice between the company that has a professional, “franchise-looking” car wrap on their vans and the company with the plain, old, or beat up vans, most consumers will be more comfortable with the company that appears bigger, more stable, and takes pride in their image.


Car Wraps Columbus Ohio

Car Wraps Columbus Ohio


So what are you waiting on? Improve your brand today. Give Elephant Head Graphics a call today for a free consultation on your new car wrap or fleet of vehicles. 1-614-401-2779.