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Heating and Cooling Wraps Columbus Ohio

When it comes to contractors, big or small, credibility plays a very important role in a company’s stability and ability to obtain and maintain customers. What better way to make a first impression on prospective clients than to show them that you take pride in your business with a professional, franchise-looking vehicle wrap? You can be a one man crew or have hundreds of employees, a customer wouldn’t be able to tell the difference with an awesome HVAC vehicle wrap as your front man.

Most HVAC companies use a full size van for their wraps such as a Chevy 2500 or Ford Econoline van. Others use pickup trucks such as an F-150 or Ram 1500 for their business. We have wrapped all kinds of HVAC vehicles and we can make any van or truck look good. Our Heating and Cooling vehicle wraps Columbus Ohio designs are included in our pricing and are always customized for your business.


HVAC Company F150 Truck Wrap Ohio

HVAC Company F150 Truck Wrap Ohio


Crush your competition with a HVAC Vehicle Wrap

Separate yourself from the next guy by taking pride in your brand. A clean, professional, commercial look will always be trusted more than a rusty, plain old van. Our Heating and Cooling vehicle wraps will last 5-7 years. Thats an average of $35/month for a full wrap. What else can you do for $35/month that is as powerful as a 24/7 mobile billboard? That’s right, you guessed it, NOTHING! Don’t shortcut your business. $35/month is not a lot to pay to show that you take pride in your business. You have an opportunity to make a great impression on thousands of people per month. So why wouldn’t you do it?

Elephant Head Graphics is a large format printing company specializing in wraps and graphics installation. We love to wrap all kinds of things! Vehicle wraps, Portable xray machine  wraps, refrigerator wraps, floor wraps, door wraps, car wraps, wall wraps, floor wraps, garage door wraps, garbage can wraps, you name it! If it can be painted, it can be wrapped! Give us a call for your next wrap project. 614-401-2779WE PRINT VINYL BANNERS TOO!

Elephant Head Graphics is proud and willing to wrap and install in all of the following areas: Columbus, Worthington, Dublin, Gahanna, Westerville, Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Mansfield, Dayton, Ohio, Michigan, Detroit, Southfield, Novi, Ann Arbor, West Bloomfield, Troy, Rochester, Farmington Hills, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, and other surrounding areas.